Definition of tank top in English:

tank top


  • A close-fitting sleeveless top typically worn over a shirt or blouse.

    • ‘I tossed on pajama pants over my track shorts along with a sweat shirt over my tank top.’
    • ‘Normally she wore a black tank top under the semi-revealing shirt, but didn't feel like it tonight.’
    • ‘She had on shorts and a tank top over her bathing suit, and she smiled at him as he walked in.’
    • ‘She was now dressed in a tight tank top with a flowing pale orange blouse over it.’
    • ‘Walking over to her wardrobe, she picked out a pair of jeans, a tank top and a light jacket.’
    • ‘She was wearing a pink mini skirt with a pink tank top printed with little pink hearts.’
    • ‘She got dressed in jeans and a white tank top, pulled on a jacket and took her tea outside.’
    • ‘I got dressed, pulling on a tight white trousers and black sleeveless tank top, and headed for the park.’
    • ‘I had a hot shower and changed into my mini skirt and tank top and put the soccer jumper on again, it was nice and cozy!’
    • ‘I'd only been wearing a tank top and short jean shorts, and I was shivering in no time.’
    • ‘She also left me a black tank top which I pulled over my head quickly with a smile.’
    • ‘He saw her sitting at the corner of her room in a pair of gray sweatpants and a tank top.’
    • ‘She was wearing her workout uniform, shorts over a leotard with a tank top over that.’
    • ‘I grabbed a pair of black capris and a white tank top out of the pile in my closet.’
    • ‘Her figure looked fine but the jeans were hipsters and the tank top was a little short.’
    • ‘I put on a red tank top with a black fishnet shirt over it and red plaid bondage pants.’
    • ‘She ran back into her room and chose her favorite pair of jeans and a sparkly tank top.’
    • ‘I put on jeans and a tank top and headed upstairs, ready to give that girl a piece of my mind.’
    • ‘When she emerged ten minutes later she was wearing khaki shorts and a white tank top.’
    • ‘When I got out I wrapped my hair up in a towel and pulled on a tank top and a pair of cotton shorts.’


tank top