Definition of tank town in English:

tank town


North American informal
  • A small unimportant town (originally a town at which trains stopped to take on water).

    • ‘It is Wang who stays in the mind - and I recall the scene where he does a Chinese version of a hip hop number performing in front of a screaming mob in some tank town in China's interior regions.’
    • ‘As a teenager she joined her brother on the road, playing in numerous tank towns and dives.’
    • ‘He boxed in tank towns all over America, slowly but surely getting in better condition as the rust began to fall off.’
    • ‘He traveled to tank towns tackling local favorites and met fighters he had previously fought on the way to the title.’
    • ‘The major-league teams shuttle their players through the tank towns with such abandon that nobody has time to become a local hero.’
    • ‘A variety of powerful engines haul long heavy freights over the Union Pacific's busy Nebraska mainline, across the green countryside and through picturesque tank towns with their towering grain elevators.’
    • ‘No, but they had the sterling comic timing of the professional funnyman, hard-won in a thousand tank towns on the vaudeville circuit, and that is more than enough.’
    • ‘The columnist in question is a character, George Smith, troubadour of tank towns and breakfast debating societies in local cafes.’
    • ‘The boxer toured tank towns in America and Europe.’
    • ‘When there is no college basketball being played, it is just another minor league tank town.’
    • ‘More to the point, he makes his fascination palpable in this journey from the heights of the WWF to the depths of one-night stands in tank towns in Nebraska.’
    • ‘I can't recall him beating any real big names, and he did the majority of his fighting in tank towns for basically chump change.’
    • ‘But when he signed with him in November 1923, he was no obscure vaudeville trouper fresh from the tank towns.’
    • ‘He is the two-bit promoter who books the boxer in the tank towns of the South and Midwest.’
    • ‘She's trouped on the vaudeville stage, where she ‘closed the first half’ for years, and her years of hard experience in tank towns and boarding houses make her the first to be suspicious of Eve's devotion.’
    • ‘He begins the search for a new fighter by taking four fighters and handler Smoky on a tour of tank towns.’
    • ‘The railroad they'd robbed ran through towns named Glasgow, Malta, Havre, Harlem, and Zurich, tank towns named by the railroad baron's daughter who'd spent a year in Europe, then traveled West in her private car, bringing the names with her.’