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  • 1A tall beer mug, typically made of silver or pewter, with a handle and sometimes a hinged lid.

    ‘I'm not one of those that laments the old thick dimpled beer tankards with handles on the side.’
    • ‘Pewter mugs and tankards were the main vessels for dispensing beer, but the metal did not appeal to drinkers of coffee and tea.’
    • ‘But he raised a pewter tankard of foaming ale to celebrate the success of his campaign and will be back next week’
    • ‘Inside, dried hops hang from the beams and pump beer signs stuck among tankards on the ceiling let punters know what favourable ales have been drunk by previous patrons.’
    • ‘He nods towards a phalanx of priests nursing beer tankards, swaying dreamily to the white noise of the band crackling through the speakers.’
    • ‘The man glanced over at him, then recoiled with an oath, almost tipping over his tankard of beer.’
    • ‘He rose and walked to the counter where he grabbed a jug of beer and refilled his tankard.’
    • ‘As they crossed the length of the room, they finally espied her crew, barking raucous laughter and drinking deep of their pewter tankards.’
    • ‘He stood and began pouring from a tall earthenware flagon, filling tankards with ale.’
    • ‘A new trophy, a silver tankard donated by the former captain and president, was awarded to the winning team.’
    • ‘The winner will receive a pewter tankard, hip flask and stamp set.’
    • ‘One of the regulars tapped his pewter tankard on the bar and cleared his throat noisily.’
    • ‘It was a big tankard, silver-sterling silver tankard, with his name on it, and the date and the name of the film.’
    • ‘Men grappled with heavy implements all day long, then hit the local pub to drink ale from a 10-pound beer tankard, fight and arm-wrestle.’
    • ‘She came back with a cow horn tankard of beer, brown foam sliding down one side.’
    • ‘He glanced up from his tankard as the tavern door swung open and a tall cloaked man entered.’
    • ‘Particularly notable are an early nineteenth-century Windsor armchair with an elaborate fretwork back and a rare early eighteenth-century silver tankard.’
    • ‘There sat a very large, intricately worked silver tankard, around the base of which languidly lay a thin aristocratic-looking hand.’
    • ‘By the evening he was gone, with no party, no presentation, no silver tankard.’
    • ‘I must have either surprised the men by asking or looked incredibly stupid standing there with a tankard of ale clutched in one hand.’
    1. 1.1The contents of or an amount held by a tankard.
      ‘I've downed a tankard of ale’
      • ‘When she couldn't find anything, she refused the offer of his to buy her a drink, and sat with her friends, watching Tyron with a raised eyebrow as he ordered a tankard of ale.’
      • ‘Hw drew himself a tankard of ale and carried it and Gunnar's drink to the Swede's table.’
      • ‘She bought the girl a tankard of hot cider and herself a robust country ale.’
      • ‘That night as we always have is a small celebration at a local pub, I ordered a tankard of rum as I always did.’
      • ‘The bar owner eagerly pocketed it, and within a few seconds from good service, he was sipping on a tankard of rum, eyeing the surely crowd.’
      • ‘She took a tankard of each and downed them all in turn, burning her tongue on the wine.’
      • ‘He poured a tankard of beer, and placed it between the acrobat's feet, eliciting an oath as he deliberately spilt some over his crotch.’
      • ‘The cosy interior looks like it hasn't changed much for centuries and one can imagine William Blake strolling in from his home in nearby Golden Square to ask for a tankard of beer.’
      • ‘He was middle aged with a bit of gray hair mingling with the brown and was currently chugging a tankard of beer.’
      • ‘Some historians believe that our ancestors used to dunk pieces of scorched bread into tankards of beer or wine to improve the taste, but it is hard to imagine how foul their brew must have been.’
      • ‘The huge tankards of local beer went down a treat with everyone, Kleines and Kristallweizen were the favourites.’
      • ‘The tankard of beer was beaded with condensation and deliciously cold.’
      • ‘Then we went on drinking – tankards of beer, and a sharp little spirit called Becherovka, one of the central European schnapps I love.’
      • ‘Anyway, major celebrations are called for and this means a visit to Munich's Oktoberfest where we'll fall upon fowl while downing tankards of beer.’
      • ‘She awoke slowly, her head throbbing as it had the time she had taken a whole tankard of ale on a dare from the boys.’
      • ‘From the barman I bought two tankards of ale and set them down in front of him.’
      • ‘He looked at him, mentally debating his public duty, then greed won and he took down a fresh unopened bottle from the shelf and pulled a couple of tankards of lager from the pump.’
      • ‘An hour passed, enough time to find him and tell him to see to the curricle, even enough time to eat a little, washing the food down with two tankards of ale.’
      • ‘I personally will be carrying a flugelhorn around at all times and will be drinking huge foaming tankards of ale every lunch time.’
      • ‘It is a humble beverage that unites the generations, a common bond that links today's thirsty men and women with those from centuries ago – swigged down in tankards and flagons after a hard day in the fields.’



/ˈtaNGkərd/ /ˈtæŋkərd/


Middle English (denoting a large tub for carrying liquid): perhaps related to Dutch tanckaert.