Definition of tannate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtaˌnāt/ /ˈtæˌneɪt/


See tannic acid

  • ‘For those who prefer a more technical explanation: The ink would be composed mostly of iron tannate or gallate.’
  • ‘A ferric tannate staining was used to highlight cell walls exposed on the cut surfaces and stained cells were measured immediately to minimize possible dimensional change due to osmotic water uptake.’
  • ‘In the presence of iron and water, the naturally-occurring tannins in redwood react to form a dark, blue-black iron tannate precipitate.’
  • ‘As tannins have high solubility in aqueous media and consequently would leach rapidly, they were precipitated as aluminium tannate, which has an adequate solubility for use as a component in marine paints.’
  • ‘Phenylephrine tannate was synthesized by the water route as follows.’



/ˈtaˌnāt/ /ˈtæˌneɪt/