Definition of tanning bed in English:

tanning bed


  • An apparatus used for tanning, consisting of a bank of sunlamp tubes, typically horizontal for lying on, with another above.

    • ‘About one half of the case-control studies performed revealed an association between sunlamp or tanning bed use and melanoma, especially if the dose of exposure was high or if it caused skin burning.’
    • ‘The effects of sunlamps and tanning beds on the risk for melanoma are unclear due to limited study design and conflicting results from retrospective studies.’
    • ‘Therefore, patients should avoid exposure to sunlight and sunlamps, tanning beds and treatment with UVA or UVB light.’
    • ‘UV radiation from tanning beds or sun lamps also may cause skin cancer.’
    • ‘Sunlamps, reflectors, and tanning beds all produce high levels of ultraviolet radiation.’
    • ‘Use sunscreen - 15 SPF, at least - at all times, and avoid tanning beds.’
    • ‘Many girls decide to fake bake in tanning beds.’
    • ‘Dude, us lily white guys roast up real quick in them tanning beds - be careful!’
    • ‘If your child is using prescription acne medications (including oral contraceptives, which are often prescribed to help clear up acne), it's especially important to stay out of the sun and away from tanning beds.’
    • ‘In fact, researchers in Sweden found that people younger than age 30 who use tanning beds or lamps more than 10 times a year are seven times more likely to develop melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer.’
    • ‘Before proceeding, it is important to note that there are health risks associated with UV radiation from the sun, and that the potentially harmful effects of tanning beds are no different.’
    • ‘At worst, people who use tanning beds are up to two times as likely to develop common types of skin cancer than people who don't, according to a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.’
    • ‘Exposure to ultraviolet radiation - whether from sunlight or tanning beds - damages your skin.’
    • ‘Although the wavelength of UV light in a tanning salon promotes tanning rather than burning, that doesn't make tanning beds safe, she says.’
    • ‘The light sources in tanning beds are high in ultraviolet rays, which harm your eyes and your skin.’
    • ‘Some tanning beds have the capacity to emit UV radiation levels that are many times stronger than the midday summer sun in most countries.’
    • ‘The ultraviolet rays emitted by tanning beds can damage skin and cause wrinkles, age spots, and even lead to skin cancer such as melanoma.’
    • ‘Before the break, we asked, are tanning beds safer than the sun?’
    • ‘Both natural sunlight and light from tanning beds damage the skin.’
    • ‘Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, tanning beds, saltwater, pools, saunas and hot tubs for 2 weeks.’


tanning bed

/ˈtaniNG ˌbed/ /ˈtænɪŋ ˌbɛd/