Definition of tannoy in English:



  • A type of public address system.

    • ‘But when we got off the plane at Heathrow on our way home we heard our names being called over the tannoy.’
    • ‘‘This is your captain speaking,’ said a disembodied voice over the tannoy.’
    • ‘Even festive songs are being played over the tannoy.’
    • ‘A message comes over the tannoy, ‘There are no southbound services on the tube line at the moment’.’
    • ‘The train driver explained the situation over the tannoy, adding that it might be some consolation to us to know that the safety equipment works.’


[with object]
  • Transmit or announce over a tannoy.

    ‘the news was tannoyed one afternoon’
    • ‘Our picture producers will tannoy a warning when gruesome pictures are expected - and an e-mail will be sent out to all relevant newsdesks.’
    • ‘He has taken to tannoying terms of endearment to his publicity officer.’
    • ‘I went back in store, someone tannoyed his No plate.’
    • ‘They tannoyed that we would honour 2 minutes silence at 11am and 2 of their workers were merrily walking down the aisle talking to each other.’
    • ‘The leads were stunning (their names were tannoyed through at the beginning of the performance, in Dutch and before I realized what was going on it was already to late): effortless dancing, impeccable technique (such balances) and passion galore.’


1920s contraction of tantalum alloy, which is used as a rectifier in the system.