Definition of tant pis in English:

tant pis


  • So much the worse; the situation is regrettable but now beyond retrieval.

    ‘if that was the route to his success, tant pis’
    • ‘Democracy wants what it wants, tant pis.’
    • ‘We stand up for the things we believe in and sometimes other countries don't like that and that is just tant pis.’
    • ‘ I don't really have an opinion, but the urge to say tant pis is a strong one.’
    • ‘If that does not please, Monsieur, tant pis!’
    • ‘I see my gift of the apartment at the Place de la Madeleine doesn't interest you. Bah, tant pis!’




tant pis

/tɒ̃ ˈpiː/ /tɑ̃ pi/