Definition of Tanzanian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Tanzania or its people.

    ‘a Tanzanian gold exploration company’
    • ‘Young people generally prefer to adopt a national Tanzanian identity instead of a Shambaa identity.’
    • ‘Agriculture provides the mainstay of the Tanzanian economy.’
    • ‘In many Tanzanian ethnic groups, heroes are illustrious ancestors who distinguished themselves by their valor, intelligence, or generosity.’
    • ‘After independence, the government devoted most of the educational resources to providing free elementary education for all Tanzanian children.’
    • ‘Because team members were primarily Tanzanian and resided in urban areas, they had first-hand knowledge of local urban conditions.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Tanzania, or a person of Tanzanian descent.

    ‘the factory provides jobs for many Tanzanians’
    • ‘A 50-year-old Tanzanian, a professional guide who boasts that he has climbed the mountain over 250 times, narrates the film.’
    • ‘It is this island that most people, including most Tanzanians, call Zanzibar.’
    • ‘Traditional systems of social organization are still of great significance in the daily lives of Tanzanians.’
    • ‘Tanzanians of all ethnic backgrounds participate in rites of passage.’
    • ‘The electricity will be a huge boost to metropolitan areas, but most Tanzanians live in rural areas.’