Definition of tap changer in English:

tap changer


  • An apparatus for changing the connection to an electrical transformer from one tap to another, so as to vary the turns ratio and hence control the output voltage under a varying load.

    • ‘The tap changers are subjected to the short circuit tests in accordance with IEC publication 76.’
    • ‘The tap changer needs to be capable of being retrofitted into existing substations and provide a cost effective solution to the problem.’
    • ‘The company designed unique maintenance tool kits for faster, easier servicing of a variety of load tap changers including model-specific tools and instructions.’
    • ‘I really need help to understand the difference between ‘constant flux’ and ‘variable flux’ variation with on load tap changers.’
    • ‘If only one tap changer is required, tap points are usually made on the high voltage, or low current, side of the winding in order to minimize the current handling requirements of the contacts.’