Definition of tape recorder in English:

tape recorder


  • An apparatus for recording sounds on magnetic tape and afterwards reproducing them.

    • ‘The output was recorded on a stereo tape recorder, and they listened in with earphones.’
    • ‘Next you will want to get some cables to connect up your tape recorder and other audio equipment.’
    • ‘When my tape recorder broke down, she knew who had a tape recorder and offered to borrow it for me.’
    • ‘I was also always the guy in the band with the tape recorder recording rehearsals and gigs.’
    • ‘Armed with an early tape recorder he set about recording the folk songs and stories that many believed had disappeared.’
    • ‘The group leader was given an honorarium to lead and administer the groups and operate the tape recorder.’
    • ‘Upon receiving them from him, she would plug in her tape recorder, clip on her microphone and go to it.’
    • ‘You no more understand the words coming out of your mouth than a tape recorder understands the words coming out of its loudspeaker.’
    • ‘With tape recorder and notebook, she sits with them and records their language.’
    • ‘The tape recorder was great because I could record TV programmes while I was out.’
    • ‘The drummer didn't tell me to turn off the tape recorder, nor did he ask me not to print his remark.’
    • ‘Remember the old spy movies where any gadget could be fit inside a pen, be it a tape recorder, a radio or a bomb?’
    • ‘If you set a tape recorder running at a noisy party you would most likely hear something resembling a confused babble.’
    • ‘I usually manage to jump up, get a tape recorder and get it down.’
    • ‘Of course the reporter, being a good reporter, had his tape recorder going.’
    • ‘He cracked a couple of jokes, plonked himself into a large armchair and offered to shout to ensure that my tape recorder could hear him.’
    • ‘She brought her tape recorder too, in hopes that she could get something out of her today.’
    • ‘He fished a tape recorder from his jeans pocket and put it on the table between him and the two women.’
    • ‘With techno music blaring from a tape recorder, the pub's clientele could hardly contain themselves.’
    • ‘The table was littered with coffee cups, half-full ashtrays, the daily papers and a tape recorder.’


tape recorder