Definition of taperer in English:



  • A person carrying a taper in a religious ceremony.

    • ‘They sang the antiphon before and after the psalms and canticles also performing duties as taperers and cross-bearers.’
    • ‘The two young taperers were wearing albs with apparelled amices, which impressed me, but the clergy were wearing cassock-albs, which did not.’
    • ‘They include the crucifer who carries the processional cross, the taperers who carry candles in procession and the thurifer who, at some services, carries and swings the thurible emitting incense.’
    • ‘The taperers stand on either side of the lectern, providing light for reading.’
    • ‘Seven taperers assist at the Latin gospel; two at the Greek gospel.’
    • ‘He put much hard work into finding some 30 taperers whose assistance was needed by the choirs in the darker parts of the service.’
    • ‘Or, the pulpit could be used solely for preaching - the original medieval and Tridentine custom - and all other readings could be read from the smaller ambo, which has sufficient room for taperers to stand on either side.’
    • ‘The processional order was Clerk (carrying cross), then taperers carrying their lights, then thurifer, and then the Sacred ministers, for it was the priest who was seen as the icon of Christ by virtue of his ordination, and so the way was lit and censed for him.’
    • ‘The service is a mix of music and readings from the Old and the New Testament telling the story of Christ's coming, during which two great processions involving about one hundred people - including clergy, choirs and taperers - move around the entire building.’
    • ‘Acolytes assist with service liturgy by lighting candles, carrying the cross or candles, presenting the alms basins, helping the preparation of the Holy Eucharist or other duties by serving in the positions of Crucifer, taperer and/or server at special services (Easter, Christmas, etc.).’
    • ‘Servers act as crucifers (carrying the cross in processions), taperers (carrying candles in processions), acolytes (assisting the clergy in the conduct of the worship) and thurifers (operating a thurible with which incense is burned during special services).’
    • ‘The Subdeacon prepares the elements assisted by the Clerk (in tunicle) and the two Taperers (in apparelled albes and amices).’
    • ‘Ten minutes before Eucharist, Taperers light candles beginning at marble altar (move lit tapers around altar, not over it), then table Altar.’
    • ‘You do not have to be confirmed to be a Taperer, but you do to be a Server.’