Definition of tappable in English:



See tap

  • ‘There's an innate tappable sympathy for the underdog, in sports as well as investment.’
  • ‘If the Federal Communications Commission adopts the proposal, Internet Service Providers and nearly all VoIP companies will have to design their systems to be tappable.’
  • ‘The environmentalist opposition to ANWR drilling should probably continue just so that ANWR remains effectively as a national petroleum reserve tappable when oil gets scarce.’
  • ‘By making it tappable by law enforcement, they're basically opening it up to hackers as well, since anything they do to avoid real security and encryption means the data will be less secure overall.’
  • ‘The cellphone's new features include an agenda view, tappable menus, a shortcut command bar, improved privacy, quick duplication of Address Book entries, faster HotSync operation, infrared (IR) HotSync operation, Euro symbol support and a ‘snooze’ button.’