Definition of taproom in English:



  • A room in which alcoholic drinks, especially beer, are available on tap; a bar in a pub or hotel.

    • ‘One day, he wandered into the taproom of Lionel's pub.’
    • ‘Drinkers were served in the taproom, a large single room furnished with trestle tables and benches.’
    • ‘Arun thrust through the swinging door into the taproom of Bullfinch's only inn, still feeling remarkably weightless.’
    • ‘The shout cracked across the taproom, and surprise jerked his head around.’
    • ‘The pub singer has come of age - emerging from the taproom and entering the recording studio.’
    • ‘All the others were strangers, none of whom seemed incline to even look her way - except for the one merrily strolling across the taproom towards them.’
    • ‘Those keen features that might have been attractive had they not been so sunken and calculating, recalled to her a smoggy taproom on a dreadful night not long ago.’
    • ‘A few hours later, he pushed past the swinging door of the taproom, furs replaced by a couple of purchased oddities that clinked in his pack as he moved.’
    • ‘The innkeeper's wife passed him as he left the taproom.’
    • ‘Well, he entered the taproom, and he is extremely bad for business.’
    • ‘He saw to his horse and then went looking for the taproom.’
    • ‘In the taproom, a place filled with smoke, noise and the scent of strong ale, one man nudged his companion.’
    • ‘He stumbled back into the taproom, hoping that, by the time she came to, he'd be passed out.’
    • ‘After fastening the storm shutters on his own shop, he helped old Marise close up the taproom.’
    • ‘He slapped me a big one and went over to the noisy gang in the taproom.’
    • ‘As he made his way into the small foyer, he could hear the noise from the taproom.’
    • ‘In one month he scrubbed the taproom till it gleamed like it did 70 years ago.’
    • ‘He has worked with the Victory brewery on developing an unfiltered Bavarian-style wheat beer that will be served exclusively at Ludwig's and the brewery's taproom.’
    • ‘He does a nice business in his 60-seat taproom and goes through 2 half-barrels of Sierra Nevada Celebration a week during peak winter beer season.’
    • ‘The proprietor of the Falling Rock taproom in Denver, says that's a good reason to look at these winter seasonals.’



/ˈtapruːm/ /ˈtaprʊm/