Definition of tar and feather in English:

tar and feather


  • Smear with tar and then cover with feathers as a punishment.

    ‘a group of sailors had just stripped, tarred, and feathered a man’
    • ‘I am not talking about some piffling scheme to tar and feather wrong 'uns, or force them to walk up and down Petergate wearing sandwich boards listing their wrongdoings.’
    • ‘In the mid-1750s, people would get so outraged at such injustices they would storm the governor's mansion, tar and feather him, loot his estate and then burn his house down.’
    • ‘Whilst my views may represent a certain amount of leftist thought, they are not saying ‘Let's murder the government, lynch the Monarchy and tar and feather local police forces’.’
    • ‘Before everybody starts to tar and feather me, or put me in the traitor category with him, I'm as thrilled as anyone that we won.’
    • ‘Before you answer, you would have no opportunity to grill him, tar and feather him or subject him to any form of torture.’
    • ‘We don't duck adulterous women any more; nor do we tar and feather them.’
    • ‘"There was a certain segment of population that wanted to tar and feather the mayor for even suggesting it," the city clerk recalled.’
    • ‘They wanted to know if they could tar and feather her and put her in the swimming pool.’
    • ‘The young folks had begged the sheriff not to lock up Tony Williams, but the old folks, who were the majority in the town, had voted to tar and feather him.’
    • ‘While she tries to use rational persuasion, her two henchwomen can hardly wait to tar and feather the mutinous victim.’