Definition of tar ball in English:

tar ball


  • A lump of solidified crude oil found in or on the sea, or washed up on shore.

    • ‘There really hasn't been anything in terms of any sheen on the coastline here; they haven't had a single tar ball.’
    • ‘We have crews actively looking and walking the shoreline each day, looking for the tar ball or the sheen and oil.’
    • ‘Of course, locals are nervous regardless of whether the tar balls washed up.’
    • ‘US authorities estimated the oil from the Gulf spill could push "tar balls" into the Mississippi river.’
    • ‘You're going to see tar balls near the water.’
    • ‘Also in Mississippi, tar balls have been found on the beaches of Hancock County.’
    • ‘Still yet the heavier stuff like tar balls may have sunk, according to Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium professor Paul Sammarco.’
    • ‘Over the weekend, isolated tar balls had washed ashore on nearby Dauphin Island, interrupting a busy beach holiday.’
    • ‘Tar balls now giving way to heavy crude oil on Louisiana's coastline.’
    • ‘Every day they have to clean off tar balls from the beach then you have this problem with the oil in the marshes.’
    • ‘I was speaking to the mayor of Long Beach where they saw tar balls several days ago.’
    • ‘Oil is no longer washing up along the shore but Gulf residents say tar balls can still be found in ankle deep waters.’
    • ‘The oily muck and tar balls littering the shore could spell disaster for the tourist hot spot.’
    • ‘Oil stains and tar balls cover what was just a few weeks ago pristine white sand.’
    • ‘Oil and tar balls have washed ashore four states now from Mississippi to Florida.’
    • ‘And tar balls keep washing up on Gulf beaches, cutting deep into tourism.’