Definition of taramasalata in English:


(also tarama)


mass noun
  • A pinkish paste or dip made from the roe of certain fish, mixed with olive oil and seasoning.

    • ‘"Oh well, there'll be hummus and tabbouleh and taramasalata - they're all extremely mushy," he said.’
    • ‘There's Elizabeth David's taramasalata and dumpy, crisp and filling fish cakes.’
    • ‘The big draw for me, though, is the cooler along the south wall, which is jammed with Greek olives, cheese, anchovies, halvah and other specialties, including hummus, tarama and Balkan-style yogurt.’
    • ‘Nudge into a delicate dish of taramasalata made with fish roe and strong garlic dip.’
    • ‘If the supermarket version is all we know, then we will tire of it eventually and move on to baba ghanoush or back to taramasalata, and another great food will have fallen victim to death by fashion.’
    • ‘The taramasalata reeled me in on my first visit and kept me coming back.’
    • ‘The taramasalata will make anyone think twice about eating the usual grot.’
    • ‘One of the more popular starters is the seafood platter, which holds mussels, smoked salmon, oysters, taramasalata and smoked mackerel.’
    • ‘There's no sign of humus or moutabal but in their place are Greek-style delights such as taramasalata and tsatsiki.’
    • ‘She shrugged and said ‘More taramasalata anyone?’’
    • ‘That evening we enjoyed an excellent meal prepared in advance by his mother - her homemade taramasalata was the best I've ever had.’
    • ‘Serve the taramasalata in the centre of a platter surrounded by crudités and toasted Arab bread.’
    • ‘The smoked cod's roe, so rarely found nowadays, comes with thin slices of hot white toast and makes you wonder why anyone would even think of beating it into a Mediterranean taramasalata.’
    • ‘I can remember him tasting the taramasalata at the Greek restaurant across the street from our dorm, and saying "Mmm, disgusting!"’
    • ‘A later search of Greek cookbooks revealed that there are two main variations on taramasalata, with either mashed potatoes or stale bread providing substance and mellowing out the strong taste of the roe.’
    • ‘The taramasalata, or carp roe spread ($3.95), was tasty, and the moussaka ($13.95) was fragrant with the scent of cloves.’
    • ‘Most taramasalata sold commercially is artificially colored and tastes nothing like the homemade version.’


From modern Greek taramas ‘roe’ (from Turkish tarama, denoting a preparation of soft roe or red caviar) + salata ‘salad’.