Definition of tarboosh in English:



  • A man's cap similar to a fez, typically of red felt with a tassel at the top.

    • ‘It may come as a surprise to some that the most prized tarbooshes were those imported from Austria.’
    • ‘The room was full of Egyptians, sitting drinking black coffee with the red tarbooshes on their heads.’
    • ‘A dying craft, tarbooshes never seem to be anywhere except on the heads of tourists or in souvenir shops.’
    • ‘Just like the flag, the tarboosh was a national emblem.’
    • ‘Whilst you're about it, perhaps you could suggest the name of a local emporium in which a fellow might purchase a tarboosh?’


Early 18th century from Egyptian Arabic ṭarbūš, based on Persian sarpūš, from sar ‘head’ + pūš ‘cover’.