Definition of tardigrade in English:



  • A minute animal of the phylum Tardigrada; a water bear.

    • ‘The second clade includes arthropods and other molting animals: tardigrades, onychophorans, nematodes, nematomorphans, kinorhynchs, and priapulans.’
    • ‘The branching pattern between nematodes, onychophorans, and tardigrades relative to Euarthropoda is not well resolved (low Bayesian support values).’
    • ‘Cryptobiosis is widespread in the animal and plant kingdoms, and occurs for example in tardigrades, nematodes, cysts of crustaceans, yeasts, bacteria, fungi, mosses, pollens, seeds, and even in entire higher plants.’
    • ‘One problem facing cryonics enthusiasts is that no animal larger than a microscopic human embryo or a tiny tardigrade - an insect that measures only a couple hundred microns across - has yet been frozen and successfully revived.’
    • ‘The Kingdom Animalia, from sponges to elephants, velvet worms to octopuses, mud dragons to tardigrades, is the best studied and most widely appreciated of the kingdoms.’