Definition of targa in English:



Trademark usually as modifier
  • A type of convertible sports car with a hood or panel that can be removed, leaving a central roll bar for passenger safety.

    ‘a targa roof’
    • ‘Though the Italian supercar is actually 44 lb lighter than the Porsche, the Ferrari should have a weight advantage because its roof is fixed, whereas the German contender has removable targa panels.’
    • ‘Toyota introduced the Soarer Aero Cabin in 1989, which was equipped with an electronically operated metal-top targa roof.’
    • ‘In my gown I pulled off the targa top and headed towards Spago.’
    • ‘Designed as a two-seater long-tail spider with a targa roof the car can exceed 205 mph at full throttle, sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds.’
    • ‘The Targa has the body of the cabriolet with the Targa glass roof replacing the fabric roof.’
    soft-top, ragtop, targa



/ˈtärɡə/ /ˈtɑrɡə/


Italian, literally ‘shield’, given as a name to a model of Porsche with a detachable hood (1965), probably suggested by the Targa Florio (‘Florio Shield’), a motor time trial held annually in Sicily.