Definition of target market in English:

target market


  • A particular group of consumers at which a product or service is aimed.

    ‘schools are a key target market for the apps’
    • ‘the film is going to be huge with its target market’
    • ‘Put all your energy into more profitable events that attract larger quantities of your target market.’
    • ‘One of the primary reasons for the product's continued popularity is its target market.’
    • ‘The same bored target market that reduced irony to a one-liner gave the movie 'cultural icon' status.’
    • ‘They aren't tapping into the right target market.’
    • ‘"Our primary target market is grocery shoppers," says Watson.’
    • ‘The first five episodes on DVD are in a package that does not seem quite sure of its target market.’
    • ‘I suppose I'm left with an abiding question: who is the target market for this book?’
    • ‘The shop is located close to its target market in downtown Calgary and holds flexible hours for its clients' convenience.’
    • ‘Although it seems counterintuitive, the smaller you make your target market, the greater your chances of success.’
    • ‘This is likely to benefit consumers in the target market, but it will leave the original domestic firms with lower profits.’