Definition of target of opportunity in English:

target of opportunity


  • 1An object to which effort or study is diverted as soon as it becomes known.

    ‘every difference between cancerous and normal cells is a potential target of opportunity for new drug discovery’
    • ‘This council will meet quarterly to determine targets of opportunity for action, establish or adjust metrics as required, and measure improvements.’
    • ‘Material problems are increasingly under control, so human error has emerged as the target of opportunity in mishap prevention.’
    • ‘This angle of research was not part of their cystic fibrosis study, just an unexpected target of opportunity.’
    • ‘Globalization will continue to create targets of opportunity.’
    • ‘But they're also a target of opportunity for members of the respective political parties and certainly for the press to examine the party in a pretty - in a pretty intimate way for the period of time.’
    • ‘Well, again, the first indications - and I don't think all of the information's been released - but the first indications are that here you had a target of opportunity.’
    • ‘From my point of view I was a little bit surprised actually the way it all began, but looking back on it now I'm not, because it was a target of opportunity.’
    • ‘So, in other words, every story like this, aside from having its own intrinsic value, it seems to be as a target of opportunity for us to do a ton of things.’
    • ‘In the midst of ongoing economic uncertainty, all eyes are on the defense sector as a target of opportunity.’
    • ‘I think they were ready for the target of opportunity when it arrived and seized upon it.’
    • ‘The difficulty that I have always found in the past, and continue to find here, is that success requires a certain degree of omniscience, what targets of opportunity will present themselves, where and when.’
    1. 1.1A military target that is attacked while in pursuit of another.
      ‘If equipped with laser targeting devices they may also designate targets of opportunity for air strikes.’
      • ‘Many marveled at the speed with which coalition forces reacted, from the early commitment of ground forces to secure Iraq's southern oil fields, to the near-instantaneous air strike on a leadership target of opportunity.’
      • ‘Despite the fighting, the soldiers were still acting like soldiers-cracking wise and hurling good-natured insults when another soldier presented a good target of opportunity.’
      • ‘It is essential that the firing weapon platform provide sufficient on-carriage traversing capability to engage targets of opportunity that are fleeting in nature without resorting to movement of the platform itself.’
      • ‘They conducted round-the-clock operations, destroying numerous targets of opportunity during Objective Remington.’
      • ‘The operations used four helicopters: one acted as a lead and flare ship, while three unlighted helicopters sought targets of opportunity.’
      • ‘The US field Artillery School at Fort Sill developed a means of concentrating any amount of artillery available on a target of opportunity.’
      • ‘Special Forces teams are poised to conduct raids from the earliest hours of the war to seize targets of opportunity among those men and women.’
      • ‘Well my understanding, and I invite correction from anybody who knows more about this, is that for various reasons, first of all it was difficult to process targets of opportunity in the Kosovo war particularly.’
      • ‘During the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, journalists who could took to traveling in armored cars as they appeared to become targets of opportunity for snipers.’
      • ‘The Lancer, which can carry 24 2,000-pound bombs, typically takes off with a plan to strike a number of targets and then waits for additional targets of opportunity.’
      • ‘She could see, not really very far away, the Captain and his men returning to the protection of their trenches as Birds began to pass across the field, sweeping low, seeking targets of opportunity.’
      • ‘However, 30 other B-17s which were already over the Third Reich when the signal came, turned for home and bombed targets of opportunity on the way.’
      • ‘They now understand the U.S. is pulling its own troops back into these garrisons where it's harder to get at them and so they're going after the targets of opportunity.’
      • ‘It's about the safety of the passengers and even more the safety of untold numbers of other innocents in targets of opportunity across the country.’
      • ‘Kicking the throttle back up to full, he made his way backwards towards the engines, taking out targets of opportunity as he went.’
      • ‘Before the 83rd landed the 84th were back in the air looking for targets of opportunity in the Alencon area, striking at marshalling yards and ammunition dumps.’
      • ‘These small U-boats were designed to operate in shallow coastal waters, laying mine-fields across the entrances to ports and coastal shipping lanes, with the torpedo armament to take care of any other targets of opportunity.’
      • ‘The pilot told his men to be alert for targets of opportunity on the withdrawal route.’
      • ‘We're also to capture any intact databases and capture or destroy any targets of opportunity.’