Definition of Targum in English:



  • An ancient Aramaic paraphrase or interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, of a type made from about the 1st century AD when Hebrew was ceasing to be a spoken language.

    • ‘His father told him, "The Targum interprets living soul as a speaking spirit."’
    • ‘The Targum, the traditional Aramaic translation of the Bible, explains this phrase as meaning "the One Who unites heaven and earth."’
    • ‘Many have interpreted the seed in this verse as the Messiah, including the Jewish Targums, hence the Talmudic expression ‘heels of the Messiah’.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Targum's defense of Esther on this point only points out how impossible such strict maintenance of the law would be for someone in Esther's position.’
    • ‘Again, it seems unlikely that a messianic interpretation would have been first suggested in an environment that already knew of Christianity's use of these verses, even if it is important to stress that the Targum has so changed the details of this passage that the Messiah no longer suffers or dies in the latter part of the text.’


From Aramaic targūm ‘interpretation’.