Definition of tarka dal in English:

tarka dal

(also tarka dhal)


mass noun
  • (in Indian cooking) a dish of creamy lentils cooked with onion, garlic, and spices.

    • ‘The best of the side dishes was undoubtedly the garlicky tarka dal, one of many vegetarian options on the menu.’
    • ‘I also ordered the obligatory side dish of tarka dal and we had a nan and a chapatti.’
    • ‘We love all dhal recipes in our house - but we especially love the tarka dhal you get in Indian restaurants, somehow it always has a really smoky flavour.’
    • ‘She can do every Indian dish really, an amazing saag paneer and tarka dhal, but my favourite is channa, which is a chickpea and rice dish.’
    • ‘The tarka dhal was of just the right, runny-cream consistency and tasted wonderfully nutty and herby with fresh coriander.’


Hindi tarka dāl, from taṛaknā ‘to season’ + dāl (see dal).


tarka dal

/ˌtɑːkə ˈdɑːl/