Definition of tartar emetic in English:

tartar emetic


mass noun
  • A toxic compound used in treating protozoal disease in animals, as a mordant in dyeing, and formerly as an emetic.

    Alternative name: potassium antimony tartrate; chemical formula: K(SbO)C₄H₄O₆

    • ‘The preferred thripsicide is tartar emetic which has the chemical name potassium antimony tartrate.’
    • ‘An experimental group of 50 male and 50 female rats was administered 5 ppm potassium antimony tartrate in water.’
    • ‘He identified the label found at the prisoner's house as that which he had placed on the tartar emetic then purchased.’
    • ‘Brahmachari decided to improve the results over tartar emetic by using the sodium salt of antimonyl tartrate instead of the potassium salt.’
    • ‘We had taken out a lot of simple medicines for our own needs, consisting for the most part of calomel, quinine, and tartar emetic.’