Definition of tartare in English:



  • (of fish) served raw, typically seasoned and shaped into small cakes.

    ‘light dishes such as salmon tartare’
    See also steak tartare
    • ‘Serve the fish tartare with a little salad in the middle of the fish, together with a spoonful of the vodka cream.’
    • ‘Tuna tartare, served in hollowed-out lemons, is vitalized with an unexpected foursome of currants, pine nuts, fava beans, and sun-dried tomatoes.’
    • ‘I tried both the delicate, unsalty gravadlax and a tartare served with the roe and a very lemony asparagus salad.’
    • ‘But for what one order of Kobe beef costs, you can get six orders of the scrumptiously briny toro tartare with caviar.’
    • ‘The tuna tartare and caviar tasted as fine as I remembered, and so did the uni risotto.’


French, literally ‘Tartar’.