Definition of tartare sauce in English:

tartare sauce

(also tartar sauce)


mass noun
  • A cold sauce, typically eaten with fish, consisting of mayonnaise mixed with chopped onions, gherkins, and capers.

    • ‘You can buy them in frites shops everywhere, topped with mayonnaise, tartar sauce or curry-flavored ketchup.’
    • ‘This last was a square patty with a crunchy coating on the outside and firm pink filet inside, served in a sesame bun with loosely chopped coleslaw and tartar sauce.’
    • ‘For starters, the fried calamari with garlic aïoli drew cheers all round from my party (even if the tartar sauce veered into mayonnaise territory).’
    • ‘I ordered the fresh fish of the day - haddock in beer batter with tartar sauce and fries for €14.50.’
    • ‘You can drown your food in lashings of malt vinegar or tartar sauce.’
    • ‘For the tartar sauce, in a medium bowl, combine the mayonnaise, cornichons, capers, and parsley and mix to combine.’
    • ‘Dinner at the recommended Romeo's featured dry lobster served with tartar sauce, a poor substitute for a steak, and good shrimp.’
    • ‘The only relief from all this greasy goodness was a sweet and tangy tartar sauce and bowls of green tomato pickles and pickled okra.’
    • ‘A crabcake sandwich isn't homemade, but it's tasty nonetheless - breadcrumb-crunchy outside, not too much filling, plainly seasoned, with a side of standard tartar sauce.’
    • ‘That last one is actually lightly-breaded halibut with my homemade horseradish-jalapeno tartar sauce, but let's be honest: it's fishsticks.’
    • ‘I sampled the smoked chicken with tartar sauce.’
    • ‘I had the deep-fried plaice in breadcrumbs with pea purée, tartar sauce and potato chips for €16.45.’
    • ‘Both were served with delightful spicy yoghurt that complemented the dish well and, in my opinion, was much better than the usual heavy tartar sauce.’
    • ‘The tartar sauce had a zippy, homemade taste to it, and both our plates were rounded out well with green salads and ample servings of perfectly nice fries.’
    • ‘Cook until golden brown and heated through; serve with lemon wedges and tartar sauce.’
    • ‘Slabs of cod are battered and cooked until they take on a golden hue, then served with a lemon wedge and creamy tartar sauce.’
    • ‘The inside was tasty, fluffy and tender, and barely required the creamy tartar sauce that came with them.’
    • ‘We make a real remoulade, we don't serve a bottled tartar sauce, and our own cocktail sauce is made with fresh tomatoes.’
    • ‘I had the roll mops with what looked like a tartar sauce.’
    • ‘The lemon wedge accompaniment is typical, while the tartar sauce is a Canadian concession, but not a mistake.’


tartare sauce