Definition of tater in English:



  • A potato.

    • ‘a dish of boiled taters’
    • ‘You've got your regular old taters, sweet potatoes, faro - even lotus root makes it into the dish.’
    • ‘The folk about had their own taties and veg. and although many had the coal, local peats were in demand.’
    • ‘It actually went quite well with the potato starter, a dish of boiled taters and sliced boiled eggs served in a creamy sauce that contrasted well with the ceviche's sharp citrus-y zing.’
    • ‘On your knees, and as he ploughed 'em up, you were picking taties into a bucket, and then after you got so far up t'row you'd empty taties into a bucket, and then after you got so far up t'row you'd empty them into a sack.’
    • ‘Achill has endured a history of seasonal migration with the head of the household going to Scotland and the north of England for the ‘tatie hoking’ and harvesting seasons.’
    • ‘There are few joys, few comforts of senectitude, and mashed taters and meatloaf slathered with heart valve clogging bone gravy are that aplenty.’
    • ‘In a large crockpot, serve warm mashed taters and veggies.’
    • ‘I'd already been poked and calculated so he left me alone like I weren't nothing more than a sack of taters.’
    • ‘We had a good blow out with beef and taters but we had to lie on the boards at night.’
    • ‘Having borne for a thousand years the same relationship to fashion that the tater has to gastronomy, the lowly clog is now the hottest ticket in jockwear.’
    • ‘You could go the government route and rationalize that the child is eating his vegetables when he smothers his tater tots in a puddle of ketchup.’
    • ‘He slams down his tray making his tater tots fly everywhere and sits down.’
    • ‘Some days vegetables like green beans or carrots show up, but you're just as likely to see whipped potatoes, tater tots, or French fries as the vegetable of the day.’
    • ‘To speed up the cooking process and to achieve that restaurant-style breakfast tater, microwave the potatoes for 4 minutes.’
    • ‘I believe, dear reader, that we're witnessing the birth of a trend, and in fact, 2005 may well turn out to be the year of the tater tot.’
    • ‘Daphne White listlessly pushes her tater tots around her plate.’
    • ‘I concentrated on expertly dunking my tater tots into a big glob of ketchup.’
    • ‘Counting is easily worked into almost any meal, such as telling a child they can have two cookies or giving them five tater tots.’
    • ‘Today it was chicken patty sandwich with tater tots and corn and a brownie.’
    • ‘After a rather substantial evening meal consisting of home made meat and tater pie with all the trimmings and trifle for afters, we got ourselves prepared for the trick or treaters.’



/ˈtādər/ /ˈteɪdər/


Mid 18th century alteration.