Definition of taut in English:


Pronunciation /tôt/ /tɔt/

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  • 1Stretched or pulled tight; not slack.

    • ‘the fabric stays taut without adhesive’
    tight, tightly stretched, stretched, rigid, stressed, not slack, not loose
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    1. 1.1(especially of muscles or nerves) tense; not relaxed.
      • ‘my voice was taut with anger’
      flexed, tensed, tightened, hard, solid, firm, rigid, stiff, unyielding
      fraught, strained, stressed, tense, drawn, drained, sapped, fatigued, tired
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    2. 1.2(of writing, music, etc.) concise and controlled.
      • ‘a taut text of only a hundred and twenty pages’
      concise, controlled, crisp, pithy, sharp, succinct, compact, terse
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    3. 1.3(of a ship) having a disciplined and efficient crew.
      • ‘his language was salty and he ran a taut ship’
      orderly, in order, in good order, in good condition, tight, trim, neat, well ordered, well regulated, well disciplined, tidy, spruce, smart, shipshape, shipshape and Bristol fashion
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Middle English tought ‘distended’, perhaps originally a variant of tough.