Definition of tautologically in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtôdlˈäjək(ə)lē/ /ˌtɔdlˈɑdʒək(ə)li/


See tautology

‘Or is knowledge, tautologically, simply what the leading professors in each field declare it to be?’
  • ‘The assertion ‘I have direct experience of God’ includes the assertion ‘God exists’ thus, the conclusion ‘therefore, God exists’ follows tautologically.’
  • ‘Although The Swan bills itself tautologically as ‘the most unique competition ever’, there's nothing special or shocking about full-body liposuction and total facial reconstruction any more.’
  • ‘It's usually assumed that beauty is, almost tautologically, an ‘aesthetic’ category, which puts it, according to many, on a collision course with the ethical.’
  • ‘This competition produces what is often tautologically described as survival of the fittest - an unfortunate term, for the only test of ‘fitness’ is survival power.’