Definición de tawdrily en Inglés


Pronunciación /-drəlē/


See tawdry

‘They are very friendly, are not so tawdrily decorated as those we saw below, and use little or no paint.’
  • ‘My government is filled with people who are tawdrily seduced and unhealthily excited by proximity to it.’
  • ‘You find yourself much too ugly to go shopping in that bright mall with all these tawdrily dressed and rouged people?’
  • ‘The orchestra takes it up, dressed rather tawdrily (trumpet doubling violins) before the soloist brings in a tender, slower contrast.’
  • ‘Set in a seedy nightclub, complete with would-be Las Vegas tawdrily gilded palm trees, beautifully realised by designer Imogen Cloët, it is part-cabaret and part-monologue, slipping easily from speech to song and back again.’