Definition of tawniness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtônēnəs/ /ˈtɔninəs/


See tawny

‘Poussin was clearly pleased with the transverse pattern of the flight, in which the tawniness of the two gods alternates with the primrose of the two nymphs, and Syrinx's posture mirrors that of Pan.’
  • ‘Lime, red onion and cilantro add a splash of color to the near-uniform tawniness of many of the dishes.’
  • ‘The practical result of cold soak is to produce wines with brighter color, less tawniness with added complexity.’
  • ‘Eastward sprawls the drab tawniness of the Colorado Desert and its wrinkled hills.’
  • ‘That night in Florence, I watched the shadows lengthen over the streets, and for a second I stopped, seeing in a far doorway a faint tawniness that I thought just might be a lion… or a lioness.’