Definition of tax-and-spend in English:



  • A policy, usually associated with the political left, of increasing taxes in order to fund an increase in government spending.

    as modifier ‘they remain committed to their tax-and-spend philosophy’
    • ‘The Chancellor remains popular with the Labour faithful because he is seen to be keener than the Prime Minister on tax-and-spend.’
    • ‘This rhetoric disguises the very corrosive effect that tax-and-spend, together with ever increasing regulation, is having on the economy.’
    • ‘But, unlike on the economy and tax-and-spend, Labour has found it hard to pull the home affairs policy strands into an effective policy narrative.’
    • ‘In what is looking increasingly like a significant break with the postwar tax-and-spend welfare state, some traditionally hesitant politicians are starting to enact pro-growth policies.’
    • ‘Whether you like tax-and-spend liberals or borrow-and-spend conservatives, all offer plenty of goodies to foster small business growth.’

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • Implement a policy of raising taxes in order to increase spending.

    ‘you can't tax-and-spend your way to prosperity’
    • ‘A government can't tax and spend its way out of a recession.’