Definición de taxidermically en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˌtaksəˈdərmik(ə)lē/


See taxidermy

‘We also presented a taxidermically mounted wallaby to quantify the response to a nonpredatory, familiar vertebrate.’
  • ‘Also provided are taxidermically prepared fish wherein the fish head is prepared by the foregoing processes.’
  • ‘Inside were taxidermically preserved specimens of a hummingbird, snake, bat, lizard, frog, and praying mantis.’
  • ‘Instead of dunking it in formaldehyde or what-have-you like the other unfortunate fetuses, it had been taxidermically mounted and stuffed like a wild animal.’
  • ‘Along the street, a gift shop, with its huge taxidermically stuffed moose head with a full rack of antlers that sits in the window, beckoned us to enter.’
  • ‘This is a painting of actual objects in Freud's studio, and the zebra's colors in reality were taxidermically correct.’