Definition of tea gown in English:

tea gown

Pronunciation /ˈtē ˌɡoun/ /ˈti ˌɡaʊn/


  • A long, loose-fitting dress, typically made of fine fabric and lace-trimmed, worn at afternoon tea and popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    ‘I dressed in a blue velvet tea gown with a lace underblouse.’
    • ‘I put on a simple light green silk and velvet tea gown and walked to their door.’
    • ‘The ladies were dressed in their best tea gowns and lace parasols were held over their heads by lacy fingers.’
    • ‘The women would wear their afternoon tea gowns, and could mix their favourite blend from speciality teas such as Darjeeling and Ceylon.’
    • ‘Foale does knitted versions of smartly tailored 1930s jackets; long, lean and sporty 1920s tennis cardigans; and gently frilled and feminine wraps made to be worn with floaty tea gowns.’