Definition of tea oil in English:

tea oil

Pronunciation /tē oil/ /ti ɔɪl/


  • An oil resembling olive oil obtained from the seeds of the sasanqua and related plants, used chiefly in China and Japan.

    ‘He's looking to develop the best types of tea oil camellias to grow for this area of the world.’
    • ‘Camellia tea oil is more than 80 per cent monounsaturated fat and 10.8 per cent saturated fat.’
    • ‘The annual output of tea oil is 500 tons, accounting for 8.6 percent of the edible plant oil produced in the country.’
    • ‘Cold-pressed, extra-virgin gourmet tea oil can be used as a base for marinades, salad dressing, sautéeing, grilling and more.’
    • ‘Susan, the tea oils I've come across recently are refined cooking oils (so they can claim high-smoke points)… so they lack flavor depth.’