Definition of teach school in English:

teach school


  • Be a schoolteacher.

    ‘she taught school until 1920’
    • ‘I had such affection for it as a kid, and I later taught school and high school out there for about seven years.’
    • ‘A shy, quiet boy who loved the outdoors, Thoreau graduated from Harvard College in 1837, taught school intermittently until 1841, then turned to writing as a career.’
    • ‘Alice Chipman Dewey had taught school before attending the University of Michigan.’
    • ‘The patient, who had taught school until retirement age, had been self-sufficient all of her adult life.’
    • ‘She found her way to New York, where she taught school, until Morris hired her and wooed her.’
    • ‘I teach school and our school colour is red and black.’
    • ‘My mother was teaching school, but that wasn't income enough for four growing children, two of whom were away at boarding school.’
    • ‘My great aunts worked all through the fifties and sixties, on the farm or teaching school.’
    • ‘Matt and Ruth live cozily in Camden, Maine, where he works as a family doctor and she teaches school.’
    • ‘Troy's wife, Susan, teaches school in Smith Center.’