Definition of teach someone a lesson in English:

teach someone a lesson


  • Punish or hurt someone as a deterrent.

    ‘they were teaching me a lesson for daring to complain’
    • ‘The Catalan region taught me a lesson in sobriety and discipline but also to love its freedom.’
    • ‘Therefore, it is not our intention to punish you, but rather to teach you a lesson.’
    • ‘Perhaps this will teach you a lesson, and be a warning for any of those thinking of rebelling.’
    • ‘Perhaps, it's his way of teaching them a lesson for becoming unruly at times.’
    • ‘Even in accepting my gift, he was teaching me a lesson.’
    • ‘Treat these folks right or they may not vote at all, just to teach you a lesson.’
    • ‘Our nation's experience with prescription drugs should teach us a lesson.’
    • ‘‘I would like to teach them a lesson,’ said Mrs North.’
    • ‘He decided to teach them a lesson and it was a wrong move.’
    • ‘If we can make these criminals run back and forth from the court on a number of grievous charges then that would teach them a lesson.’
    penalize, discipline, mete out punishment to, bring someone to book, teach someone a lesson, make an example of