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  • 1The occupation, profession, or work of a teacher.

    ‘I went into teaching because I like working with children’
    • ‘a teaching union’
    • ‘This convergence has important implications for research and teaching in business schools.’
    • ‘One weekend of TV coverage of their conference might well do more damage to the idea of teaching as a profession than any amount of strike action.’
    • ‘The new institute is an independent body to register and administer the teaching profession across all school sectors in the state.’
    • ‘Lecturers and researchers are a special breed of people who have chosen the noble profession of teaching.’
    • ‘Many people in education have given up the whole concept of teaching being a ‘profession’ - to be professional you have to be treated as such.’
    • ‘While his work may elicit controversy, his teaching and teaching methods continue to influence generations of graphic designers.’
    • ‘The project will enhance the assistance to regional enterprises as well as creating new research and teaching capabilities.’
    • ‘The competition fits in with the school's programme of teaching, which highlights the pitfalls of using fossil fuels.’
    • ‘Although it may be premature to conclude that the quality of teaching will improve, the idea itself is a milestone in the development of teaching as a profession in Namibia.’
    • ‘The sad truth is that America doesn't hold the profession of teaching in esteem because we don't believe what they do is important.’
    • ‘But he was incredibly bright, excelled at school and as a young man dabbled in the professions of law, teaching and theology.’
    • ‘She said: ‘It would be brilliant to be in a professional orchestra but teaching would be great too.’’
    • ‘Ramcharan, who has been a teacher at the school for the last 47 years, said the profession of teaching for her was a calling from God.’
    • ‘After the time off, Frost considered taking up teaching as a profession, but sometimes things don't always go as planned.’
    • ‘Before going into politics, he engaged in research and teaching at Shanghai Second Industrial University.’
    • ‘Some 27 percent of health professionals and 9 percent of teaching professionals are migrant workers.’
    • ‘Now, most people accept that pay is an essential ingredient in the restoration of the professional status of teaching.’
    • ‘A few years ago, teaching was a favoured profession for graduates wanting a stable career.’
    • ‘Education chiefs have pledged that lessons will go on at a tertiary college despite a damning report which criticised most teaching as unsatisfactory and management as weak.’
    • ‘However, one teaching union has already threatened to ballot its members over possible strike action if the six-term year is introduced.’
    teaching, preaching, evangelism
  • 2teachingsIdeas or principles taught by an authority.

    ‘the teachings of the Koran’
    • ‘Christians relied on bishops to interpret Christian teachings and ensure correct belief.’
    • ‘Nor is it an assault on people's right to disapprove of beliefs, teachings or practices of a religion.’
    • ‘Imagine if the current contestants of Big Brother were asked to interpret the teachings of Allah?’
    • ‘Some had concerns about sex education and teachings on homosexuality, he said.’
    • ‘He denied direct involvement, but said he was glad his teachings might have inspired the deaths.’
    • ‘Connected with this are religious teachings or dogma, rituals, prayer and so on.’
    • ‘These are interpretive teachings because they are told in order to inspire people.’
    • ‘Like it or not I guess the Internet has brought a great many thoughts and teachings to a much wider audience.’
    • ‘His duty is to present the pure teachings of God to the public in an unadulterated manner.’
    • ‘Now you're asking us whether you should bring up a child with your atheist teachings and dogma?’
    • ‘The following excerpts of actual teachings present the essence and details of refuge.’
    • ‘Though his followers were mainly in India his teachings spread all over the world.’
    • ‘This view has largely been created and reinforced by the teachings of most religions through time.’
    • ‘The idea of strong mindfulness and awareness runs throughout these teachings.’
    • ‘Dr Mahathir is especially exercised about the other-worldly teachings of many ulama.’
    • ‘Her teachings do not preach an escape from life; but show how to live life to the fullest.’
    • ‘Milingo broke it and went very much against the basic biblical teachings not to divorce.’
    • ‘However, he says that if it were not for Mandela and his teachings, he would not be the man he is today.’
    • ‘Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.’
    • ‘India will be lost if the opportunity to serve the world with his message and teachings is lost.’
    principle, belief, doctrine, precept, creed, credo, article of faith, dogma, canon, rule



/ˈtēCHiNG/ /ˈtitʃɪŋ/