Definition of teakettle in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtēˌkedl/ /ˈtiˌkɛdl/

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  • A container or device in which water is boiled, having a lid, spout, and handle.

    ‘They were constantly flying airplanes over his house, and playing pranks like boiling water in his teakettle when he was away, trying to drive him insane.’
    • ‘The muck then sticks to the insides of such things as water heaters, teakettles, and plumbing pipes.’
    • ‘Maralynne poured water from the teakettle into Rowena's cup.’
    • ‘I should be angry, steaming with the passion of a boiling teakettle.’
    • ‘The water that fills a teakettle miles downstream in a city apartment is a measure of all that has gone on upstream: blizzard and drought, logging and road building, care and neglect.’
    • ‘Time becomes irrelevant, the water in the teakettle boils away, you forget where you are, so focused are you on the work you're doing.’
    • ‘Elise, relieved, tried to vent some of her indignation like a teakettle spouts steam.’
    • ‘Lime deposit in teakettles may be removed by a solution of vinegar and water.’
    • ‘At least she can just get by on her pension, but when her teakettle burned up last week she couldn't even afford a new one.’
    • ‘However, only moments into the performance, the horn began to make a sound like a whistling teakettle, getting louder and louder.’
    • ‘Smiling, I walked over to the stove and started the teakettle.’
    • ‘Maude left to tend the teakettle, which was whistling merrily.’
    • ‘The whistle of the teakettle blew and interrupted his musings.’
    • ‘When the teakettle let out a whistle, Quinn went to go turn the burner off.’
    • ‘It was preceded by the sewing machine, fan, teakettle, and the toaster.’
    • ‘The kitchen table was set for two, and the teakettle sang from the stovetop.’
    • ‘Weston ushered us into the study and produced a small tray with two cups and a teakettle upon it.’
    • ‘Noises can be so painful that a child may cover their eyes and scream at the sound of a teakettle.’
    • ‘In its first office, plugging in the teakettle sometimes brought down the web server.’
    • ‘A hiss sounds in my ears, like a teakettle left on the stove too long.’