Definition of teammate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtē(m)ˌmāt/ /ˈti(m)ˌmeɪt/

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  • A fellow member of a team.

    ‘She stood there thinking about hockey, and the Olympics and her fellow teammates.’
    • ‘Jamilla ranked seventh among the top goal scorers, with her teammate Kelly Ann on her heels.’
    • ‘Mike glanced over at Nate who was with his fellow teammates playing a game of pool, it was only Mike and Mila at the table.’
    • ‘I have had chats with him as a mate and as a teammate and I can tell him where he is going wrong and what he is doing right.’
    • ‘Will and his teammates played in Gniezno in Poland in a tournament consisting of two pools.’
    • ‘We had a lot of good teammates and good coaching and good luck and played a long time.’
    • ‘He was yelling a lot and making a lot of hand gestures at his teammates and at the referees.’
    • ‘Whether he gets a shot to be a better teammate in a Colts uniform is now in question.’
    • ‘He still is learning how to fit in with his teammates and where he should play on offense.’
    • ‘His deafness was bad enough that during play he was unable to hear his teammates calling him.’
    • ‘He is driving more and looking to score off the drive rather than finding a teammate.’
    • ‘Trang, who plays all her chess in Europe, had a word of praise for her teammates.’
    • ‘Could you give me and my old teammates a rundown on his career as a player and scout?’
    • ‘You try and learn things wherever you can, even from your own teammates.’
    • ‘He sneaks in the passing lanes for steals and slides over to help when a teammate is in trouble.’
    • ‘He was a good teammate, but he took it to another level when he brought in their families.’
    • ‘A teammate often brought the ball up the court, then offered it to him at the top of the key.’
    • ‘His teammate tells him as much, gesticulating in a most Italian fashion.’
    • ‘It is used to give the ball to a teammate who is either cutting or circling behind you.’
    • ‘He must be aware that a screen could occur and be alerted to a pick call by a teammate.’
    friend, companion, boon companion, comrade, intimate, familiar, confidant, alter ego, second self