Definition of tearless in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtirləs/ /ˈtɪrləs/


  • Not crying.

    ‘Mary watched in tearless silence as the coffin was lowered’
    • ‘Then, I had to bid a tearless farewell to the Leisure Park, the County Mall, and Bar Med, as I left Crawley for the last time.’
    • ‘I had been tearless, too frightened, and I had looked at her, and I had apologized.’
    • ‘Let these wives first step into the pyre, tearless without any affliction and well adorned.’
    • ‘But I do know that when I came with Gareth to fetch him for the joust, he was still kneeling over her body, staring at her with tearless eyes that nevertheless revealed a great sadness.’
    • ‘One little girl - one sinless, harmless, tearless little girl - found enough strength inside herself to rise to her feet and stumble out of the graveyard.’
    • ‘This time despair overtook me, but it was tearless.’
    • ‘He feels a sleepless night ahead, filled with tearless agony, wails of frustration again emptying.’
    • ‘He just looked up at her, confusion shining in his tearless eyes.’
    • ‘Troy looked up at him, his large eyes now tearless and expectant.’
    • ‘She is crying, a tearless wail, but she rubs her eyes out of habit.’
    • ‘Another poet, Tennyson, wrote of the tearless, bereaved wife of a dead warrior.’
    • ‘His farewell address to the school is both a tearless confessional and an understated plea for redemption.’
    • ‘Grim and tearless, he is biting the bullet, squaring his jaw and stiffening his backbone, the way people who've lived through war always do.’
    • ‘I'm going to go find something, and when I come back I want you to be tearless, ok?’
    • ‘My eyes were dry and tearless as I took one last look back at the castle.’
    • ‘But moments that behold me in measurable days promise short-term, tearless despair.’
    • ‘When Aoi had told her, Sara simply stood there, her brown eyes wide, yet tearless.’
    • ‘Her head hung low, her arms wrapped about her body, and her shoulders heaved in tearless sobs.’
    • ‘I just lay there on my bedroom floor, my arm bleeding, shaking with tearless sobs.’
    • ‘Roberts is a riveting presence, tearless, with saucer eyes.’