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(also tea room)
  • 1A small restaurant or cafe where tea and other light refreshments are served.

    ‘For the café tea room is quitting its home of 33 years in Northallerton and moving two doors down the town's High Street.’
    • ‘Sadly, the tea room was not serving any teas - apparently because of low water pressure problems.’
    • ‘Pints have been pulled at the pub since 1991 when it was converted from a tea room and restaurant.’
    • ‘The tea room natter also serves to keep the audience intrigued and alert.’
    • ‘Long awaited and heavily hyped, this ambitious new complex famed for its high-end restaurant also houses a tea room, art gallery and the Sketch Bar.’
    • ‘The couple run a family business: Steve takes care of the leathers and other merchandise, and Loz runs the cafe, which is a hybrid of Forties tea room, Fifties cafe and American diner.’
    • ‘Exbury's new-look tea room and restaurant will be called Mr Eddy's, after Edmund de Rothschild, head of the Exbury branch of the Rothschild family.’
    • ‘A new tea room is about to join the ranks of prestige eateries in Leigh.’
    • ‘On the seventh floor there is a big tea room where you can watch television and get a coffee while you wait for us to finish with Jason so you can give him a lift home.’
    • ‘The store sells a good range of food and petrol, has a tea room, and provides postal facilities (now with a mail delivery and clearance six days a week!)’
    • ‘I wanted a lifestyle change - I have always wanted to run a tea room and I enjoy crafts myself.’
    • ‘A pound might not sound like much, but it will buy you a cup of tea in a tea room and that is what tourists would rather spend their money on.’
    • ‘A spokesman said: ‘Following a further complaint, visits to the tea room this year established the conditions of the licence had again been broken.’’
    • ‘The staff of the Orchids tea room were so delightful that I went away beaming and saying ‘yes everything was fine’, when with hindsight the bread was plastic and the cauliflower cheese runny.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I was courting a local boy who was a member of the cricket club, so I began work in the tea room - and there I stayed for the next 38 years,’ she said.’
    • ‘I was asked to help out at the time, I agreed to it and ended up running the tea room on a Sunday.’
    • ‘I was walking with my umbrella to the tea room.’
    • ‘On the day, everyone at the tea room will be wearing yellow T-shirts, serving yellow drinks and food and donating their tips and 20 per cent of the day's takings.’
    • ‘Bradford Council last year carried out improvements at the 100-acre site, including sign-posted footpaths and a new tea room is also being built.’
    • ‘Sadly, they rarely return, and those little businesses in Glen Lyon, the tea room, the pub and the hotels, all lose out because one estate owner wants a private little kingdom.’
  • 2North American informal A public restroom used as a meeting place for homosexual encounters.

    • ‘They also claimed that cybersex had become the new tea room for meeting anonymous partners and engaging in a fantasy world.’
    lavatory, bathroom, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse



/ˈtēˌro͞om/ /ˈtiˌrum/ /ˈtēˌro͝om/ /ˈtiˌrʊm/