Definition of technical foul in English:

technical foul

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  • A violation of certain rules of the game, not usually involving physical contact, but often involving unsportsmanlike actions.

    ‘All coaches, players, and parents will be allowed 3 unsportsmanlike technical fouls per basketball season.’
    • ‘I earned my share of technical fouls and, to this day, there are a few referees who still hold it against me.’
    • ‘Failure to respect the administrative facets of the game usually results in technical fouls.’
    • ‘As it became apparent that the Warriors would cruise to victory, tempers flared once again, with three technical fouls handed out in the final ten minutes.’
    • ‘The game got testy in the fourth quarter, when seven technical fouls were called.’


technical foul

/ˈteknəkəl foul/ /ˈtɛknəkəl faʊl/