Definition of ted in English:


Pronunciation /ted/ /tɛd/

transitive verbteds, tedding, tedded

[with object]
  • Turn over and spread out (grass, hay, or straw) to dry or for bedding.

    ‘you will need to ted the hay before it can be raked and baled’
    • ‘this row requires careful tedding’
    • ‘The forage was tedded twice daily and baled 3 days later at 87.3% DM using a conventional baler.’
    • ‘Do not ted hay that has dried to 50% moisture because that can increase dry matter losses and is not effective in increasing drying rate.’
    • ‘Too much tedding can shatter leaves of alfalfa or clover, lowering the quality of the hay.’


Middle English from Old Norse tethja ‘spread manure’ (past tense tadda), related to tad ‘dung’.