Definition of telamon in English:



  • A male figure used as a pillar to support an entablature or other structure.

    • ‘The entablature is supported by four beturbaned telamones; in the centre is the draped sarcophagus.’
    • ‘The presbytery is a late Renaissance masterpiece composing a choir, a Temple by Pellegrini, two pulpits with giant telamones covered in copper and bronze, and two large organs.’
    • ‘Between them stood impressive statues of giants, the telamones, which functioned as load-bearing supports for the structure.’
    • ‘The base of each lamp is composed of three heavily muscled telamones, all standing facing outward with feet together and arms straight at their sides, hands supported by buttresses.’
    • ‘On the tip of the spire is a weathervane of Fortuna, seen standing on a gilded globe supported by two telamones.’
    column, post, pole, support, upright, vertical, baluster, pier, pile, piling, pilaster, stanchion, standard, prop, buttress


Early 17th century via Latin from Greek telamōnes, plural of Telamōn, the name of a mythical hero.



/ˈtɛləmən/ /ˈtɛləməʊn/