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  • Having an appearance or manner that is appealing on television.

    ‘his telegenic charm appears to be his major asset’
    • ‘I thought it was my telegenic charm and rapier-like wit.’
    • ‘She now needs to broaden her own brand, she is telegenic and would made a star television performer.’
    • ‘TV commentators fell for the telegenic president, and more important, sympathized with the civil rights struggle, a ‘bias’ in news reporting that few would criticize today.’
    • ‘Articulate and telegenic, he has the political equivalent of a good bedside manner, coming across as more moderate than many prominent Republicans, even though his voting record is fairly conservative.’
    • ‘It is a very telegenic event and ITV Sport looks forward to the challenge of giving it the same prominence as our other big sporting events.’
    • ‘Indeed, table tennis is such a telegenic sport - more so than the likes of motor - racing and golf, in the opinion of this viewer - that you wonder why it is not on our screens more often.’
    • ‘Well, tonight the telegenic trial lawyer argues the case of a lifetime before a highly sympathetic hall of delegates and a supremely divided nation.’
    • ‘It was a classic fin-de-siècle American protest: a staged telegenic moment steeped in Western symbolism.’
    • ‘Nodding sympathetically is so much more telegenic.’
    • ‘The game commentators also made the telegenic 20-year-old and his hometown the main topic of their banter between plays.’
    • ‘Not only was his analysis absolutely on target, he was tremendously self-assured, well spoken and telegenic.’
    • ‘These days a lot goes on presentation and first impressions; and David scores highly on these points as a handsome, smart and telegenic character.’
    • ‘Despite the attention lavished on telegenic backdrops and gauzy imagery, spoken words still matter in politics.’
    • ‘They feel the need to be telegenic and comfortable with the electronic media, while they must also be intelligent, good communicators.’
    • ‘Even those left-wing media types are calling him telegenic.’
    • ‘But the wiser course is to do what you can to make yourself telegenic.’
    • ‘The memo was enthusiastic about younger, telegenic presenters, but failed to mention more experienced reporters.’
    • ‘He is an outstandingly able and telegenic performer.’
    • ‘Tall, slim and telegenic Joseph was known to be artistically inclined.’
    • ‘Only very thin people are telegenic because the camera adds pounds.’



/ˌteləˈjenik/ /ˌtɛləˈdʒɛnɪk/


1930s (originally US): from tele-‘television’ + -genic‘well suited to’, on the pattern of photogenic.