Definition of telegraphist in English:



  • 1A person skilled or employed in telegraphy.

    ‘Skilled telegraphists had relayed Morse code messages along the line from Adelaide to Darwin and overseas, and vice versa.’
    • ‘In the early 20th century, telegraphists in the UK began experiencing ‘telegraphist's cramp ’, a condition thought to be caused by the rapid, repetitive movements required to send Morse code.’
    • ‘Andrew, a telegraphist of the Royal Engineers, also recorded an example of this battle-weary mood in a letter sent from the front.’
    • ‘They worked as telegraphists at the radio station and became good friends of our family.’
    • ‘Generally the station establishment was around about 20 to 25; that included the telegraphists, the station master, his family, linesmen, cooks, the blacksmith, gardeners.’
    • ‘The telegraphists were as keen as everybody else on the news,’ wrote Newman.’
    • ‘In the early morning light, runners tracked past the remains of the Post Office in Darwin city that was bombed by the Japanese, killing the postmaster and his family, plus six telegraphists.’
    • ‘‘May the sound of this little march hasten the telegraphists to their retirement’.’
    • ‘Initially the Royal Australian Navy was reluctant to employ women: it took on only 14, most of them as telegraphists.’
    • ‘When positions did start to open up in school teaching or as typists and telegraphists, they could not be combined with marriage.’
    • ‘The man in question was a Navy telegraphist who served on-board an Australian submarine.’
    • ‘The first telegram to be sent happened on 27 April 1887, sent by JE Symons the telegraphist.’
    • ‘In 1870, Emile Baudot devised a system for telegraphists to represent each letter of the alphabet by a string of five 0s or 1s.’
    • ‘He identifies it as an example of a system devised in 1870 by Emile Baudot for telegraphists, where each letter of the alphabet is represented by a series of five 0s or 1s.’
    • ‘When Germany invaded the Channel Islands on July 1st, 1940, I was a Post Office telegraphist operating the Jersey circuit in London's Central Telegraph Office in St Martin's-le-Grand, opposite St Paul's tube station.’
    1. 1.1A person whose job is to operate telegraph equipment.



/təˈleɡrəfəst/ /təˈlɛɡrəfəst/