Definition of telemetry in English:


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  • The process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument.

    ‘measurements will be transferred by radio telemetry to the shore station’
    • ‘special tracking and telemetry systems to collect data’
    • ‘37 animals were released with telemetry collars around their muscular necks.’
    • ‘They are tracked with radio telemetry equipment every other day to record movements.’
    • ‘During a race, crews talk with drivers via radio and take in reams of telemetry from the car.’
    • ‘This is a migration of epic proportions and through the satellite telemetry we will be able to find out how it is conducted.’
    • ‘He double-clicked his comm to affirm the order and waited for the Commander's targeting telemetry to transmit.’



/təˈlemətrē/ /təˈlɛmətri/