Definition of telenovela in English:



  • (in Latin America) a television soap opera.

    Also called novela

    ‘On the wildly popular telenovelas, the soap operas that are a programming staple of both networks, the starring roles are almost always filled by white Latino actors who typically play members of the upper class.’
    • ‘Favorite programs include cartoons and old movies from the United States, and Mexican telenovelas (soap operas).’
    • ‘Venezuela was one of the first exporters of telenovelas (soap operas) to the South American continent and the world.’
    • ‘After all, more than 40 per cent of the top-rated shows around the world are mini-series, sitcoms, soap operas, movies and telenovelas.’
    • ‘There are numerous stories that would make wonderful plots for the telenovelas that are so popular today in Latin America.’



/ˌteləˌnōˈvelə/ /ˌtɛləˌnoʊˈvɛlə/