Definition of teleost in English:



  • A fish of a large group that comprises all ray-finned fishes apart from the primitive bichirs, sturgeons, paddlefishes, freshwater garfishes, and bowfins.

    Division (or infraclass) Teleostei, subclass Actinopterygii: many orders

    ‘These advances culminated in the modern bony fish, or teleosts, which show a tremendous diversity of mouth parts and feeding specializations.’
    • ‘The basiventrals form distinct elements that articulate with the pleural ribs in primitive teleosts, and thus act as parapophyses.’
    • ‘In the teleost fishes studied to date, the male morphs differ in circulating androgen levels.’
    • ‘Most teleost fishes possess a complex set of intrinsic caudal fin muscles that have only rarely been studied experimentally.’
    • ‘There is considerable diversity of tail shape within the teleost fishes.’



/ˈtelēˌäst/ /ˈtɛliˌɑst/


Mid 19th century from Greek teleos ‘complete’ + osteon ‘bone’.